Internet Security Services Terms and Conditions

Internet Security Services are provided in collaboration with Radialpoint Inc..

Bell Aliant provides Internet Security Service and the applicable Software to its Customers on the Terms and Conditions of the Radialpoint Software License Agreement. Bell Aliant shall not be liable for any loss, expense, liability, claim or action brought due to the provision of this Service or any of the Software. The Customer's sole remedy for any loss, expense, liability, claim or action is contained in the Radialpoint Software License Agreement. Users must Accept or Reject the Radialpoint Software License Agreement as part of the installation process.

Bell Aliant will provide information to Radialpoint for the purpose of establishing and maintaining Internet Security Services. This information will include the E-mail address and Password information collected through the Registration process.

All information provided to Radialpoint will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be used for any purpose than is necessary to support ongoing Internet Security Services.

The subscriber must be a Bell Aliant Internet customer in good standing to subscribe to Internet Security Services.

Internet Security Services will be provided to customers on a monthly subscription basis and billed on the subscriber’s monthly telephone bill effective with the billing date immediately following subscription to the service.

The monthly subscription cost of the service provides Software Licenses for up to 3 PCs in a household.

The onus is on the subscriber to contact Bell Aliant if they do not wish to continue the service at any point. Subscribers can unsubscribe to the service through the Internet Security Services website at or by calling us toll-free at 1-866-FibreOP.

As part of the software activation process, some hardware configuration information, which uniquely identifies your PC, will be registered with Radialpoint. This information is required to comply with Radialpoint’s licensing requirements and is kept in strict confidence. This will not restrict your ability to transfer your license to a different PC at any time.